OK, so why choose RUSTED.EU game servers?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly - maximum performance.

Our RUST European (Lithuania datacenter) game server clusters running on dedicated physical harware. Rust is the only service running on the UBUNTU Linux machine to ensure everything runs smoothly. What does this mean for you as a player? We hope a better a playing experience, less timeouts and better performance server side.

Some features of our servers

Please feel free to suggest new ideas or changes - we value our user's input!

Dedicated Linux Servers

99.9% uptime, 500Mbps top tier dedicated bandwidth and No Lag for European players.

No Cheaters

We have one of the best anti-hacks system, which means cheater-free gameplay for everyone.


Get rewarded for reporting bugs and players. Like our servers? Get vote rewards too!

Perfect balanced mods

Our servers is about balance between core Rust and some carefully chosen Oxide mods. All mods tested and working perfectly.

Free item kits

We giving for new players one or more free items (kits) when they joining server. Type /info in game chat for more information.

Day / Night Cycle

We are trying to help people playing on our servers. Most people don't like night, so we made longer days and shorter nights.

Why not join us on our Rust Server?

Have a look around! Any feedback is much appreciated.
In game Press F1 for console, then type: client.connect play.rusted.eu:28015
Have A nice Time with our Rust game servers!

List of our Rust servers

We have experienced, nice and helpful administration, which is keeping server clean and nice. The server admins have thousands of hours of server hosting and will not be playing on the server. RUSTED.EU has been running since Legacy and is constantly being improved.

rusted.eu vanilla Lithuania

client.connect vanilla.rusted.eu:28015

Classic Rust server for for solo players
1X Gather
Monthly Wipe
Vanilla Crafting
No TP – No Kits (No ViP Kits)
Pure Vanilla feeling of the game without any unnecessary mods.

rusted.eu daily 3x

client.connect daily.rusted.eu:28018

Moded Rust server for daily fun
3X Gather
Wipes every 14 days or so.
Instant craft, custom decay, 3x gather and smelt, vanilla cupboards, raid block (stops TP and remove during raids), increased stacks, no limit teleportation, sethomes, remove tool, clans (share sethomes, remove, and location on map), voting rewards, loyality rewards.

Servers Rules and Guidelines

We have some basic rules put in place to ensure an enjoyable experience for all

General Rules and Guidelines

We request you act in a mature manner and respect the other players (even if you are spearing them through the heart).

We do our best not to limit players actions and allow the game to be played as freely as possible. That being said, if you are spamming chat, causing disruptions, hating on the server or the admins, or just being an overall asshat, your playing privileges will be revoked.

  • Use of cheats and or bugs (this includes by association);
  • Impersonating or harassing a member of our staff;
  • Racism, flooding, spam and or harrasment;
  • Creating Iceberg or glitched rock bases;
  • Advertisement, political propaganda;
  • Anti-semitic symbols (i.e Swastika, Ribbon of Saint George and etc.).

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions. Ignorance to these rules is not an excuse.


It breaks our hearts a bit every time we have to wipe the server. The only thing we hate more than telling people they just lost their stuff is trying to explain why the server is running shitty or crashing a lot.

If it comes down to you saving your stuff or the server performing optimally, server performance will always win. Try not to get attached. Get present to the fun and excitement in starting out fresh; building that new base and fending off opponents who are on the same playing field as you.

There is a forced wipe in the game the first Thursday of each month. Our servers have set wipe schedules aimed at maximizing performance vs. average numbers of players. In rare occurrences, an unexpected wipe may happen. If that does, please know it was either out of our control or for a good reason.

Free rewards

Vote for the server to get daily rewards!

You can easily show your support and be rewarded at the same time, by voting for our Server every day. Voting helps keep the server active and ensures there are always people to be friend... or hunt.

Do not forget - you can vote for our servers every day. After you have voted, type /rewards in game to claim your rewards.

Thanks for the votes!

Donations (soon ...)

Thanks for considering a purchase, they keep the servers running.

Running and managing a server along with plugin development and configuration is time consuming and costly. We rely on donations from the community to keep the server updated and running at full speed. Donations are rewarded to show our appreciation.

  • Daily Supply Signals
  • 5 €
    per 30 Days
  • This kit are applied to main x3 server.
  • Need a helping hand? Grab 2 Supply Signals Daily!
  • Daily Supply Signals Kit (/kit supply):
  • 2x Supply Signals
  • You will need to reconnect to redeem this item.
  • Elite Supporter
  • 20 €
    per 30 days
  • This kit are applied to main x3 server.
  • Elite Supporter Kit (/kit elite):
  • 1x Turret, 3x Supply Signals
  • 1x Metal Facemask, 1x Metal Chest Plate
  • 1x Road Sign Kilt, 1x Assault Rifle
  • 300 5.56 Ammunition, 10 Medical Syringes
  • 30 Bandages, 10 Large Medkits

By donating you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • A donation is purely voluntary and the donator is not entitled to any items, services or special treatment;
  • As donations help cover website, server costs and upgrades, all donations are strictly non-refundable;
  • After donating you still have to follow all rules on the server and you can still be banned for breaking them;
  • The donation rewards and terms are subject to change without notice.

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